CAFCO® FENDOLITE® M-II (ISOLATEK® TYPE M-II outside of the Americas) is the most widely specified Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Material (SFRM) in the world for use on Tunnel Linings.

Isolatek works in close association with partners, licensees and contractors to ensure that the most appropriate Type M-II System is installed to various types of tunnel linings.

Some of the major tunnel projects where the Type M-II system has been installed are shown below:

  • Øresund Tunnel, Denmark
  • Westerschelde Tunnel, Netherlands
  • Groenehart Tunnel, Nettherlands
  • Central Artery/Tunnel, Boston, MA
  • Holmesdale Tunnel, London. UK
  • Bell Common Tunnel, London. UK
  • Botlek Pipe Tunnel, Holland
  • Limfjordtunnel, Denmark
  • Ostende Tunnel, Belgium
  • Prevesa Aktion Tunnel, Greece
  • Bus Tunnels. Brisbane, Australia