System Components
ISOLATEK® 3.4 Galvanized Lath

ISOLATEK 3.4 Galvanized Lath is manufactured from prime quality steel sheets that are slit and expanded to form small diamond shaped openings. The large number of openings provide a superior substrate for the bonding of ISOLATEK Type M-II, ISOLATEK Type TG, or ISOLATEK Type M-II/P cement based fireproofing materials. All sheets are flat 27” x 97” rectangles with square ends and smooth parallel edges on the sides for fast easy handling. Sheets are rigid yet bendable for both box and contour designs.



  • Used as mechanical reinforcement for ISOLATEK SFRMs.
  • Small diamond shaped openings conserve fireproofing and reduce waste.
  • Minimizes stress cracks by maintaining consistent material depths.
  • Excellent for boxed and contour designs.
  • Available in 3.4 pounds per square yard.
  • Meets Specifications ASTM C846, ASTM C1063 and ASTM A653.