System Components

The harsh environments of petrochemical facilities, refineries and nuclear/power plants are prime candidates to benefit from the high performance of the ISOLATEK passive fireproofing system. ISOLA-GUARD is an integral component to this system and provides the added assurance that the cement based fireproofing materials are sealed from moisture and associated structures will be well protected with minimal maintenance required.

The ISOLA-GUARD® System is comprised of two water based epoxy coatings working together to seal and further enhance the robustness, resilience and durability characteristics of ISOLATEK Type M-II, TG, and M-II/P cement based spray applied fire resistive materials.

ISOLA-GUARD® WB 500 is a multipurpose material functioning as a curing agent, water repellent, and primer with distinct attributes. In adverse high temperature/low humidity environments ISOLA-GUARD WB 500 facilitates the curing process of ISOLATEK Type M-II materials and optimizes their strength by normalizing the drying rate. As a water repellent ISOLA-GUARD WB 500 increases the ISOLATEK Type M-II Series fireproofing’s already superb water repellency by a factor of 5 and provides a protective seal against moisture penetration. In addition, when applied prior to the application of caulk or sealant at termination points, ISOLA-GUARD WB 500 effectively seals and protects the termination areas from moisture ingress. Its unique water vapor permeability also allows for optimized drying and preparedness for a final coat of ISOLA-GUARD WB 510 or topcoats.

ISOLA-GUARD® WB 510 is a premium grade water based epoxy sealer generating a superior level of protection against water and weather. A high viscosity material having 68% solids (SBV), ISOLA-GUARD WB 510 can be applied as soon as 48 hours after the application of ISOLA-GUARD WB 500. Only a single coat (4 mil DFT) is needed to complete the entire (6 mil) system generating an enduring abrasion and moisture resistant finish for years to come.



  • Provides an enduring seal against moisture penetration.
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion, weather and temperature conditions.
  • Facilitates the optimum curing process of ISOLATEK Type M-II Series SFRMs.
  • Can be applied over damp ISOLATEK Type M-II, TG, or M-II/P within a 24-72 hour period of the fireproofing’s application.
  • Easy to apply via spray, roller or brush.
  • Quick clean up using only water and no solvents.
  • Environmentally friendly, low VOC.
  • Kit sizes for all project types – large scale, patching, and termination point sealing.