High Density SFRMs

Valero Fireproofing - oil refinery fire protection

“Only one company has invested heavily in fireproofing research & development…That company is ISOLATEK INTERNATIONAL.”

High Density Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Materials (SFRMs)

Isolatek International’s family of High Density Spray Applied Fire Resistive Materials, each with distinct uses and advantages, are designed to cover a full range of industrial applications. Durable Portland cement based formulations provide exceptional resilience validated by years of in place performance and the most rigorous of fire and dynamic physical property tests in the industry.

The lightweight and technically advanced composition of the ISOLATEK® Type M-II family of products allows for easy application and provides the utmost in fire protection with reduced thicknesses.

ISOLATEK Type M-II and ISOLATEK Type TG are Portland cement-based (44-48 pcf) materials achieving the reputation for being the most reliable and proven SFRMs in the industry. providing superior thermal performance and exceptional durability.

ISOLATEK Type M-II/P is an improved higher density (50-55 pcf) Portland cement based SFRM offering substantial advantages, most notably in the form of superior physical property improvements such as greater density, improved hardness, increased flexural strength, and reduced thicknesses.