ASTM E06.21 Subcommittee on Serviceability


The ASTM E06.21 Subcommittee on Serviceability met on Tuesday, October 25 to review the latest draft for WK54567 – Standard Practice for the On-Site Inspection of Installed Fire Resistive Materials. Technical Contact for the work item, Phil Mancuso with Isolatek International, went through the draft line by line and took notes and comments from the subcommittee members in order to make final changes before submitting the work item for ASTM subcommittee ballot.

This proposed Standard Practice will be a key document that is expected to provide authorities having jurisdiction, such as building officials and fire marshals, a standardized methodology to inspect SFRM and IFRM materials as well as offer potential code language.

SFRM and IFRM materials are designed to safeguard the structural integrity of steel and other substrates under fire conditions and to maintain safe conditions for a specified period of time. These materials are a vital component in the modern building design of structures such as schools, hospitals, residential, office, petrochemical and manufacturing plants, where structural steel is the key element in supporting the load of the structure.

Phil Mancuso expects the work item to be balloted before the end of this year. He will work with subcommittee members to handle the comments and negatives that he expects will arise from the ballot process. Amendments and re-balloting processes will be complete as needed with expectations of a final ballot towards the ladder part of 2017.

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