Isolatek International’s® high strength, commercial density CAFCO® 3000 Applied Fireproofing is installed at the Punto Chapultepec Tower


CAFCO 3000 Torre Reforma

Isolatek International, the world leader in Advancing Passive Fireproofing Technology®, is proud to announce that installation of its ultra high strength, commercial density CAFCO® 3000 Applied Fireproofing has begun at Punto Chapultepec Tower (known as Reforma 509) located in Mexico City, Mexico. CAFCO 3000 was selected by Bovis Lend Lease to satisfy the minimum bond strength value of 1,000 psf for buildings over 420 ft., as required in Section 403 “HIGH-RISE BUILDINGS” of the 2012 International Building Code (IBC).

Also utilized at Punto Chapultepec Tower is CAFCO® FENDOLITE® M-II/P ultra high density, cement-based Applied Fireproofing in areas where combustible diesel tanks are located. CAFCO® SprayFilm® WB 3 and CAFCO® SprayFilm® WB5 Intumescent Fireproofing are utilized on interior exposed columns and CAFCO® SprayFilm® WB 4 Intumescent Fireproofing on exterior exposed columns.

The application will be performed by ISOLATEK® Recognized Applicator Recal Recubrimientos S.A. Recal Recubrimientos S.A. is recognized as a leading applicator of passive fireproofing products in Mexico for the past 8 years and is currently applying CAFCO® fireproofing products in two other important high-rise structures in Mexico City.

Upon completion, Punto Chapultepec Tower will be the Mexico City’s third tallest building at 780 ft (241 meters) and 60 stories in height. It is located at Paseo de la Reforma 509 (Río Ródano), immediately west of the Torre Mayor which also is protected with CAFCO fireproofing products”.

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Katelyn Norris, Marketing Specialist
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